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june 2014

Time for an Upgrade, Again!!! by Aaron Gross

     I did something really stupid. At the beginning of this month I decided to see how fast my computer could run, so I turned up every setting for overclocking, up all the way. (My motherboard had an Overclocking Genie setting, but I didn't use that... That would have been the right way to do this!)  My computer immediately stopped working!  (This delayed the blog post a little...)

     My dad and I thought that the motherboard was broken.  But, replacing that didn't work, so next we tried the processor.  (It turns out that the processor will immediately run hotter and hotter as the clock speed goes up, and this will burn up the processor.)  So I spent $80 on a motherboard, and another $150 on replacing the processor. So now I am $230 in the hole.

     There was a positive side to all of this.  In the replacement I did upgrade the processor from a six core AMD 6300 to an eight core AMD 8300, also with a higher clock speed.  (Now, none of my games lag at all!)  So all of you out there, talk to your parents before doing this stuff.  Just doing stuff on your own, without input, isn't worth it.