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july 2014

PC Protection & Mexican Adventure, 
by Aaron Gross

           July has been an exciting month filled with adventure. I discovered how easily I can mess up a computer. I don't know exactly how it happened but, I would guess it happened when I was downloading some sort of game. I would find random popup ads that were not supposed to be there. Thankfully my dad has IT guys that could fix my computer. They gave me a disk that would search for any viruses, adware, and malware that were on my computer. 
      PC protection is not really that hard. Since I have a Windows PC, one must turn on Windows Defender. Then download and install K9 Web Protection. Then install Open DNS on your home's wireless router. We also installed Spy-Bot Search and Destroy onto my computer.  If you don't have that on your computer I would highly suggest it. Together, these four items work to make the PC protection virtually perfect. Also, my dad setup the passwords, allowed You-Tube access, and helped me with this.
      PC issues weren't the only adventure I had this July. I also went to Mexico. It was a lot of fun and, my group and I had many adventures. Kind of like Indiana Jones but not really. I also made great progress in my comic strip. That's probably the only reason you found this site. It was a great moment seeing that magazine and, at that moment, it really felt like my work had paid off. Well that's just me. You will see more in August.