November 2014

​​Aaron's note,

Star Wars and Sy-Fy was and still is my biggest inspiration for, not only this comic but a lot of my other projects.  

  In a parody setting of the popular TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000, BOB, JJ, and Albert are wondering what it would be like to be in the movies. Reel robots like these were the main reason, actually the only reason, I became involved in robotics. Using movies I could imagine real robots in action. In 1978, a friend of mine (Bruce L.) and I built a good looking, full sized facsimile of R2D2. It was cool. With me at the controls, the RC robot, like the movie bot, would fool people into thinking it was computer controlled, for at least a little while. Even so, most people expected the robot to move around, communicate, and do stuff on its own. They wanted to see the same robot they saw alive on the screen. The most common question, “What does it do?”, was a hard question to answer. I learned to grab the RC unit. Then at my command, the robot turned around, and the head spun with a whistle and a beep. At age 17, it bothered me that my robot didn't meet the expectations of so many. In 1978, I started tech school in electronics and later became an Electrical Engineer. Point: My heart wanted to build real working robots. At the time, RC robots were my limit, but experiance in building, maintaining, and showing a cool robot opened many doors of opportunity and launched me into a great carrer in electronics and business.