may 2015

Aaron's Note‚Äč

 this reminds me of a technology that makes you invisible. It is a series of lenses that bends light around an object. It's not perfect but its out there. 

  Albert must locate JJ and BOB. How hard can it be? Robots typically use various 
sensors to recognize objects. The blanket prevents camera based color blob or pattern recognition sensing. LIDAR and ultrasonic sensors measure distance and use 
this information to recognize objects, yet the blanket also stops these sensors. A simple Mylar blanket also blocks RADAR imaging. Recognition ability is canceled. 
  Albert can detect JJ and BOB as a blob, but Albert is not looking for a blob. An array of sen-
sors is defeated by a blanket. 
  Hide and go seek is a children's game. Will robots ever play at the level of a child? Maybe they will but just not today.
  (The programming could be changed. Albert could have mapped the area. Then he could use the difference to deduce the location of JJ and BOB. Even so, it is normal for some items to move to a new location, so this change may reduce Albert's performance.)