Albert will lose this match. Yet he didn't fail. He will be rebuilt. Albert  exits this contest with the joy of experience, learning, and of trying. The experiences, the memories, the energy at the contest, and so many other things remain long after the contest ends. You, the robot builder will get more from entering the contest than you possibly know. Robot contests changed my kids and my life. Nicole's robot lost a 
contest because it failed to detect the wall. This caused me to research sensors and later start a sensor company. 
  Later, Aaron's robot consistently won and Kristin's robot consistently lost. Kristin, frustrated, determined, and with my help added a micro-controller to her robot, changing it into a winner.  
  Loosing and winning robot contests gave us as a family the experience and fortitude in projects, and later the guts to move into business.

 We enjoyed our local robot club contests, (even if it was a two hour drive). Two popular contests are robogames.net and robotbattles.com


march 2015

Aaron's Note

 Robot Wars was a series my dad was extremely involved in. He actually entered a robot and won many battles. he also met someone you may know, Jamie Hammond. his robot was quite simple but it wasn't controlled by him it was autonomous.