july 2015

Aaron's Note

 for my dad's last birthday we decided to kind of restore his R2-D2 as a surprise. we had someone repaint it, but it was in pretty good condition. So looks like he did a good job keeping it safe.

  JJ, BOB & Albert are are confused. They are left on and packaged in a box for days on end. 
As robots, this moving provides new experiences.
  The lifting, vibration, bouncing, and rubbing from moving was hard on my R2 causing almost all of breakage, scratches, and issues. Moving also has a way of exposing poor wiring, lack of fuses & circuit breakers, especially when mixed with a large high current battery.
  During one move, a wiring short started a fire and  big flames appeared from the side of R2's head. A fire extinguisher was required! 
  Addressing transport and safety helped. Removing the 60lb battery prevented fires and made lifting easier. Making a special cradle that held & supported R2's legs and body during transport corrected most mechanical issues.

 Also, having a fire extinguisher nearby can be very handy as it can prevent loss of your vehicle!