Aaron's Notes

This kind of reminds me of me and my sister, Kristin, when we took swim classes 8 years ago, and i was always the one trying new things and being, truthfully, not that smart.

  Let's jump in the pool! Albert is on the bottom of the pool, rolling around. Enthusiasm, determination, and guts must be commended. If you can envision it, if it works in your mind, then moving forward just might be the best next step. Albert may not move for long, especially if all of him isn't rated for underwater use, but most naysayers will never-ever enter the water. I say enter the water. Think of the farmer Farnsworth who invented the original TV. At age 14, while plowing, it came to 
him that an electron beam could move along the same path and make a picture. It worked. It doesn't matter if an idea works at first. It matters more whether one follows through. Crazy ideas, when implemented correctly, many times, work well. Underwater robotics provide interesting challenges for the robotics enthusiast. Contests are held each year. A popular one's  (www.robosub.org) theme this year is "Back to the Future."