August 2015

  Robot intelligence doesn't have to be complicated. Landmarks allow robots to know where they are. The stairs are an easily recognized landmark. 
  With simple programming, Albert doesn't care that it's a new room, and gets moving. Using simple rules, called behaviors, Albert moves with minimal processing. 
  Albert found the stairs but won't remember where the stairs are. Even so, he knows that they are visible and will use movement and sensors to look for them every time. (For simple areas, this works well because if the robot cannot see the landmark it has to move anyway.)
  Mapping initially slows JJ and BOB, but detailed maps will later allow them to move directly from place to place. They will place the landmark on an internal map. 
  Programming the amount and type of intelligence your robot needs is part of the fun of 
robotics. Simple robot code can be very effective. 

Aaron's Note

 Albert reminds me of myself sometimes. He goes fast and doesn't really think about where he's going, but a robot isn't held as responsible for his actions.