Aaron's Note

 I see myself as a pretty knowledgeable person when it comes to 3D printing. I've worked quite extensively with them we just recently got one for the house and i'm excited to print really awesome things on it.   


April 2015

 3D printed parts are common, even more so among the robotics community. Consistently getting great custom parts is what matters most. Just ask Albert! At first I ordered parts. I always received accurate, strong, usable parts, typically for over $200 each. Then I was told that all the printers were about the same, so I purchased a "hobby" printer. 100 hours later, with parts so bad they were virtually unusable, I felt it was less expensive to order parts... After researching, I now use a Makergear M2 and two Afinia printers. For my staff, Afinia is the printer of choice, but for the larger parts, Makergear M2 has a larger print volume. These 3D printers have reliably made thousands of parts. These parts are as good as the ones I used to order, & typically cost less than $2 per part.
  One cool thing, Aaron can design a model, and print it, and get it painted, the same day!