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JJ is a fairly cool little bot, except with a lot less brain power than Johnny 5. Sometimes the heart of this little bot shines.

BOB, with the most "Brain On Board",a 1GHZ processor running Linux, can sometimes be over confident. This can make life interesting.

​​Albert, while not Einstein, has many strong points. His simple yet robust design many times makes him an unexpected favorite.


the robots

Aaron spent some time in Tinkercad and a while later, three robot designs were ready to be printed on theAfinia 3D Printer.  These models are the basis for the robots on this page.​

THe designers

Bob and Aaron work on this comic and blog in the basement of their home. Aaron uses Manga Studio Debut 4 to draw the comics. Bob writes the tech for fun! 

HI! This is Aaron. you guys might be thinking "where does Bob get all this knowledge?" Well my dad went to school to be an electrical engineer. he worked at Advanced Photonix 

and Raytheon. he also started his own electronics business called Maxbotix, and entered a robot into Robot Wars.

what is MaxRoboTech

Maxrobotech is a comic used to provide humor and robotics tips to new and veteran builders.